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Welcome to In Line Orthodontic Services!

Welcome to In Line Orthodontic Services!
With over 35 years of experience in orthodontic and dental laboratory technology, I am happy to offer my personal pledge to provide you with the highest level of quality and service for the benefit of your patients.

At IN LINE Orthodontic Services you can count on the consistency of our craftsmanship and the superiority of our materials.  Your appliances will always be made right here in the USA by skilled, knowledgeable technicians.

Take a look at our online catalog and consider the diverse range of appliances being offered.Shipping to our laboratory is free and we never charge extra for custom colors, decals, glitter or glow in the dark. Your patients will enjoy personalizing their retainers while you enjoy the savings.

Print a copy of our prescription form and mailing label.  Send us your first order today.  Download and enclose the coupon below for an introductory discount.

If you have any questions or need more information please do not hesitate to contact me personally.  I thank you for visiting our website and encourage you to give us a try. 

Renee Vaughan-LeiserOwner / Technician